What do you enjoy most about the home?

The friendliness, everyone is so friendly


What activity do you find the most enjoyable?

 I enjoy all of the activities, but especially the trips out.


Did you have a favourite toy when you were younger? If it was a doll or a stuffed animal, what was its name?

My dad used to make our toys, he would go off to work at Fawley and leave the toys on the kitchen table, I also remember playing snakes and ladders.


Did you have a nickname growing up? How did you get it?

No nicknames, always called Joan


What is your favourite meal you get to eat at the home? And what would you like them to include on the menu?

Joan loves all the food and said “no complaints I like it all"


What was the best trip or vacation you ever took? Why was it so special?

Joan loved living in Lymington, she says “I had an idyllic childhood fishing on the river with my brothers and because money was tight we didn’t take vacations but then we didn’t need to”


What age has been the best age of your life? Why?

My best age was when my parents were alive and all the family got together


Do you have a particular favourite care assistant? If so what has she done to make this impression?

 I have no favourites, I get on with them all, everyone is very helpful, kind, all very nice. we are lucky to have a place like this to live, lucky to have such a happy place