The money will be donated by the Big Lottery Fund and used by the charity Learning through Landscapes to revamp the landscapes around the care homes.

The redesigned gardens will include paths that always return to where they began, improved seating and ‘memory beds’ with familiar flowers that are bright and highly scented.

In a statement the Big Lottery Fund said: 'Although the health benefits of stimulating natural environments are becoming increasingly known, the charity Learning through Landscapes has found that the outdoor spaces at care homes are rarely used, if at all.

'Many care homes have tidy, manicured outdoor spaces that lack the familiar features of gardens at people’s homes or the natural environment in general.'

Juno Hollyhock, executive director at Learning through Landscapes, said: “Access to nature has been shown to reduce anxiety, improve concentration and improve physical mobility.

"Evidence also suggests that outdoor activities can re-ignite latent skills and memories. This project brings together elements such as garden design, staff training and support, client based consultation and local knowledge to create innovative and exciting garden spaces.

"We believe that bringing together the very best in current thinking around designing for people living with dementia will give many more settings the chance to try out low cost solutions in their outdoor spaces in the future.”