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Health Secretary claims UK will be 'most dementia-friendly country' by 2020

20th April 2016
Health Secretary claims UK will be 'most dementia-friendly country' by 2020

Jeremy Hunt has claimed that, under new government legislative plans and dementia research initiatives, the UK dementia care and diagnosis system will be the best in the world by 2020.

He goes on to state that the government has wanted to increase the number of diagnoses for people with dementia for some time, as well as raising awareness of the condition and encouraging more research.

Under his latest plans, everyone aged 40 and over will be provided with free information about dementia and memory problems when they have an NHS health check with their GP - if a pilot scheme proves successful.

In a similar way to Ofsted, ratings will be issued to highlight which regions are better at diagnosing dementia more effectively, enabling individuals to make more meaningful comparisons about the quality of dementia care in their local area.

Hunt said: “A dementia diagnosis can bring fear and heartache, but I want Britain to be the best place in the world to live well with dementia. Last parliament we made massive strides on diagnosis rates and research – the global race is now on to find a cure for dementia and I want the UK to win it.

“This parliament I want us to make big progress on the quality of care and treatment. Hospitals can be frightening and confusing places for people with dementia, so our new plan will guarantee them safer seven-day hospital care, as well as tackling unacceptable variations in quality across England through transparent Ofsted-style ratings.”

Last year, Alzheimer's Research UK highlight the 'looming national health crisis' as getting older is the biggest risk for dementia - they believe one in three people born in 2015 will develop dementia.